Oh no! Your rocket chicken pet accidentally got stuck in a volcano! Now it's up to her to leave, hitting enemies in her path, avoiding hazards, and outrunning the rising lava!

This game was made in less than 48 hours by _s_e_r_ and me, for the Mizjam 1, where everyone used the same art kit


When you propel the rocket, you have a limited amount of "fuel", which recharges when you touch the ground, hit an enemy or a breakable object. If the "fuel" runs out mid air, you'll become a chicken and fall to the ground.


  • A/D Keys - Arrow keys: Move Left and Right - Control rocket's direction
  • SPACEBAR - W Key - Up Arrow: Jump (on ground) - Propel rocket (on air)
  • P Key: Pause


  • Added pause menu (yay)
  • Lava rising speed now increases progressively (up to a certain speed)
  • Modified control scheme; now the jump and propel actions are mapped to the same buttons
  • Added level mirroring for more variety



MyRocketChickenPet.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip.

Double click the .exe file to run.

Development log


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very addictive game gj guys

(1 edit) (+1)

Very fun game though I would change the rocket button to spacebar because its confusing to use the mouse to activate it then control with a/d. I keep confusing myself expecting to control direction with the mouse while clicking like a click and drag

Made a video - Starts at - 14:18

Oh look its spudcats!